The Benefits of Stretching

It doesn’t matter if it’s some serious cardio work, or you are preparing for an intense weights session, if you aren’t stretching before and after your routine then you are damaging your body and limiting your results and performance.

For more information about the benefits of stretching, keep reading.

  1. If you spend the majority of your day sitting in an office chair at a desk while you type away your computer then your hamstrings and tendons will become tight. If you suddenly head to the gym and undertake exercise they are stretched to their current capacity almost immediately, leaving them tight and sore before you have even had a chance to begin your routine.


  1. Stretching gives these parts of your body a chance to wake up and warm up to not only give you better performance but help in the recovery process to allow for better performance next time. When you are performing your pre-exercise stretches, remember to stretch parts of your body that you aren’t focusing on. For example, even if you are doing a leg day, be sure to stretch your arms and core also, as these also receive a secondary workout.


  1. If next-day pain and discomfort have become the norm for you then you need to stretch more than you realize. This pain is caused by lactic acid building up in your muscles while they recover from the damage you caused them. While it is important to stretch before any form of exercise, it’s also important to remember to schedule some serious stretching time once you finish. In the case of next-day pain, stretching after a workout helps to reduce the effects of lactic acid and promotes faster muscle recovery, helping you to go about your business with less pain. If you are still experiencing pain, checkout the Groupon Coupons page for for a protein shake that can help with your recovery.


  1. If you want to grow your muscles then you want to be stretching. The growth of your muscles depends on the amount of blood that can freely flow to it to activate the process. After a heavy workout, your body is so tight and tense that your muscles are cramped up and blood can’t effectively flow through them. Stretching after a weights workout is a great way to open up your aching muscles and let the blood flow in! Be sure to spend a good amount of time really giving your muscles a stretch. If you focused on your arms in particular, for example, give each part a stretch and then go and repeat the process. Remember to stretch muscles that you didn’t focus on as the likely received a secondary workout and could use a stretch.

Nobody is saying that stretching is going to take your training to the next level, but it is an important part of a good workout routine and should be part of yours! So the next time that you are getting ready to lift weights or dance off extra weight, remember this article and the benefits of stretching and take advantage of them! You will be glad you did when you can walk freely the next day without pain!